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Dear visitors, you are on the official website of the Village Renewal Program, which was established by the resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic no. 222/1997. The holder of this program is the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and the financial guarantor is the Environmental Fund. Slovak Environmental Agency was entrusted with the professional guarantor and executor of the program.

Objective of the program

The Village Renewal Program is a successful tool for rural development in developed European countries. The goal is to create economic, organizational and professional prerequisites for the support of the countryside and rural communities so that they strive for the harmonious development of a healthy environment, the preservation of the natural and cultural values ​​of the rural landscape, the development of environmentally suitable economic activities with an emphasis on the identity and specifics of this environment. . The implementation of micro-projects supported through this program improves the quality of life in the countryside, increases the potential of the territory, the development of rural tourism and the ecological awareness of the inhabitants.

Website content

• Information on the announcement of the call for subsidy applications
• Guidelines and documents needed to apply for a grant
• Decision of the Minister of the Environment on the support of successful applicants
• Guidelines and documents required for drawing and billing the subsidy (applicable only to successful applicants)
• Information on the monitoring of the Village Renewal Program
• Advice, education, promotion, education, international cooperation and contact persons
• Statistical data • Information about the Village of the Year
• Village Renewal Program FAQs

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